Referrals, Retention, Returns || Immediate Return on Investment || Revolutionizing Client Registration

Powering Your Physical Therapy Practice Pipeline

Power your client pipeline
From first touchpoints to lifelong loyalty

Designed by private practice physical therapists

Automate Intake

Immediately save time and money by automating client registration

Client Compliance

Swiftly create customized HEPs that engage and retain clients

Marketing Outreach

Power referrals, retention and returns right from the start

Automate Intake

Revolutionize Client Registration

"Alinea Engage is a gift! Automating client registration saves us time and hassle. No more shuffling clipboards, scanning and shredding! Plus, our patients love it and their clinic visits start on time."– Office Manager, Health In Balance PT, Mequon WI

Give your support staff the capacity to do more of what really matters. Set clients up with just a few clicks. Let Alinea Engage do the rest. We help you power your client pipeline and streamline new client registration! Start boosting efficiency and profitability today.
Welcoming emails delivered within moments of scheduling first appointments impress clients, introduce their therapist and link them to online registration. Beautifully customized intake surveys reflect your unique practice and continue to inspire confidence and loyalty from first touchpoints. 100% convergence is well within reach!
Spend more time actually treating clients and growing your practice. With over 90% of clients completing forms at home, visits start on time. Your staff reviews client responses in advance and if needed, let client quickly complete outstanding items via tablet in clinic. Clean. Organized. Efficient.
Client Compliance

Maximize Adherence and Retention

"Alinea Engage is ‘changing the conversation’ with my patients as they walk in the door! Patients better understand how compliance impacts their feeling better faster. Visits start off on the right foot with the right information, letting us provide the best treatment possible."- Physical Therapist, Health in Balance PT, Milwaukee WI

Quickly create customized HEPs that delight your clients and boost compliance. Select from our ever expanding library of high quality exercises and videos. Compliment these by adding original exercises, videos and handouts that highlight your unique offerings. Let us dramatically reduce your time to document, update and support client engagement and progress.
Set clients up for success with Alinea Engage. As clients already have online accounts via the registration process, they more easily flow into engaging with their HEP via mobile, desktop or tablet. We not only help your clients feel better faster, we help them spread the good news about your practice!
Layers of motivation and rewards built into Alinea Engage strengthen client awareness and engagement without adding to your workload. Launch follow up visits with better information. Monitor patient progress between visits. Directly send and receive HIPAA secure patient messages to further save time and focus attention.
Marketing Outreach

Automate Outreach

Automate personalized outreach to drive referrals, retention and returns with clients and their circle of influence. And coming soon, we'll even help you transform leads from your pipeline into clients in your practice. Stay tuned!

Set the cadence and content to reach the right client with the right message at the right time. Populate your client pipeline, welcome new clients, reward compliance, leverage reimbursement data, share the love, and more, much more. Let’s talk.
Do you know what your clients really think? Automatically generate client satisfaction surveys to find out! Leverage high value clients to spread the good word. Identify unsatisfied clients at risk of dropping out of care to resolve issues early. Track trends and implement changes to manage client retention and drive growth.
Operationalize word of mouth referrals to be the first choice for PT with your clients and their circle of influence. When you discharge clients, keep the connection alive. Automatically reach out based on client profiles and smart algorithms. We even help you generate marketing reports to analyze trends and communicate with referring sources.
Our unique proposition

Dynamic Client Relationships

Automatically extend the right touch at the right time to strengthen client relationships

Populate your pipeline

Transform leads into an engaged client pipeline, making your community outreach efforts measurably pay off.

Warmly welcome

Within moments of scheduling visits, clients receive personalized emails introducing therapist and guiding online registration. Your practice shines.

Register online

Let clients easily complete intake forms and functional assessments in the convenience of home, prior to first visit. They will thank you.

Hand off HEPs

Help clients feel confident and connected with their personalized HEP and videos in hand between visits. Engaged clients feel better faster and spread the good news.

Gain vital insight

Periodic client satisfaction surveys come as close as you can to reading clients’ minds. Optimize positive trends and grow your business. Or resolve problems before you lose clients.

Securely message

Directly send and receive HIPAA secure client messages to further save time and create a better patient experience.


Drive Returns

Gain immediate return on your investment
Power ongoing returns and referrals

Streamline workflow

Lower your costs and gain capacity to grow by reducing the workload for staff and therapists. Now that’s a good deal!

Uniquely you

Highly customizable to reflect your brand, philosophy, imagery and messaging. Let your practice and therapists shine brightly!

Automate outreach

You define the content and cadence. We make sure your clients are welcomed, engaged and connected. Now and forever.

Let’s integrate

We love collaborating! We’re already integrated with FOTO and ready to explore further streamlining your operations.

Power results

Put pipeline and intake data to use by powering smarter engagement and marketing strategies.

Nonstop support

We partner with you to streamline efficiencies, delight your patients, and grow your business. We’ll shoulder the heavy lifting. You do what you do best.


Practices and Clients Are Talking

(And they are saying some pretty nice things!)

One Low Price For All Three!

All three components of our platform uniquely combine to increase the power of each

Pipeline & Intake


  • Transform leads
  • Welcome new clients
  • Online Intake Forms
  • Online Consents
  • Customized or standard
  • Online Functional Assessments
  • FOTO Integration
  • Quick set up
  • Automate outreach
  • Unlimited clients
  • Trainingand Support
And more ...

Engagement & Compliance


  • Create/update HEPs
  • High quality exercises
  • Customized exercises
  • Function/Pain trends
  • Monitor adherence
  • Online handouts/resources
  • Secure messaging
  • Incentives & rewards
  • Automate outreach
  • Unlimited clients
  • Training and Support
And more ...

Marketing Outreach


  • Automate outreach
  • Customize content/cadence
  • Power pipeline
  • Welcome clients
  • Support compliance
  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • Power referrals
  • Post discharge follow up
  • Incentives & rewards
  • Unlimited clients
  • Training and Support
And more ...

Designed with you in mind

Our core team of visionaries and private practice physical therapists
Combine deep expertise to develop solutions that work for you

Carol Vance
CEO and Co-Founder

Kaite Van Laanen, PT, DPT
Practice Owner & Co-Founder

Lynn Steffes, PT, DPT
Marketing Director

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